Usually we hand out O devices to visitors but we can’t do this at the moment, for obvious, pandemic-themed reasons. Please download the O app to your iOS or Android device, and bring your own headphones, too.

The O is here to help you explore the deep recesses of David’s lounge room. It can tell you about the artworks on display, if you so wish, but will also perform other delightful services, such as: suggesting what to eat during your visit, showing you where the toilets are, helping raise your child and so forth.

Other totally useful things you should know about:

  • Have you booked wildcard museum entry? Join the waitlist on the O when you get here, and we’ll let you know when you can enter the museum.
  • Hit ‘Save your visit’ when you’re in the museum, and access everything you’ve looked at from home.
  • The O supports VoiceOver and screen reader functionality for people with low vision or dyslexia.
  • Read more about the O and Art Processors, the company that made it, here.

Minimum phone specs:
Android 8.0 or later
iOS 12.0 or later​