Mona is the playground and megaphone of David Walsh, who grew up in Tassie (just down the road from Mona), dropped out of uni, played cards, won, did some other stuff, and opened a small museum of antiquities to which no one came. He declared it a triumph and decided to expand. The result is Mona, a temple to secularism, rationalism, and talking crap about stuff you really don’t know very much about. We won’t tell anyone. Come and play.

There’s art and exhibitions and stuff but also live music, food, wine, bars, restaurants, cellar door, accommodation, library, recording studio, and a tennis court. Mona was designed to be explored—as a space of wonder and experiment—with the O, which you should totally download before you get here. Catch the ferry from Hobart. Sit on sheep.

You could probably speed through everything in three or four hours, but we recommend you hang around—make a day of it.