Music at Mona

If the weather is good, the music is outside on the lawns. If it’s crap, it’s inside the Ether building nearby. In the museum, you might find musicians-in-residence Colin Offord and Yilan Yeh performing live in the Nolan Gallery each day.


Friday 29 September

Who? When? Where?
MAVE 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Dark, dreamy, left-of-centre folk.
Benjamin Vargas 1–4pm Mona Lawns
A house music lover from way back (like, childhood), Benjamin has a wide DJ-repertoire and he ain't afraid to use it.


Saturday 30 September

Who? When? Where?
Deborah Kayser and Nick Tsiavos 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Contrabassist and Byzantine obsessive, plus soprano. Goes 'from the sublime to almost frighteningly beautiful', per Resonate Magazine.
Stev Zar 1–4pm Mona Lawns
Slow-paced and sensual, Stev 'weaves worlds' when she DJs. Expansive tastes, queer experience and tongue-in-cheek references are blended to create something chaotic and atmospheric, with the end goal of 'body euphoria'.


Sunday 1 October

Who? When? Where?
Stormworm 12–1pm Mona Lawns
Synths and Bach; Bach and synths.
Marroushti 1–4pm Mona Lawns
Marroushti is a Lebanese DJ and community creative whose sets draw from the extensive genres of the global south: experimental techno, tarp, footwork, Mahraganat, shaabi and Arabic-folk-inflected club. For this set she'll be highlighting sacred, indigenous and traditional music from all over the world.


Monday 2 October

Who? When? Where?
TEAHOUSE 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Otherworldly mix-and-match sounds from classical instruments (including sitar, tabla, Indian violin, harp and flute), five-string bass and synth.


Friday 6 October

Who? When? Where?
The Stitch 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Tassie organ trio taking classic sixties Blue Note jazz sounds; adding a dash of the tender romance and gritty guitar solos of an Elvis B-side.
Dave Wells 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Man does big things with guitar and vocals. Whispers of Springsteen's 'Nebraska', apparently.


Saturday 7 October

Who? When? Where?
Loveless Trio 12–2pm Mona Lawns
A fresh new local jazz trio. Sax, double bass, drums.
Billy Whitton 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Billy—a true stalwart of the Hobart music scene—does solo blues and Americana.


Sunday 8 October

Who? When? Where?
Up Jumped Trouble 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Old-time mountain music, some blues tunes.
D7 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Founded on a shared love for 'interesting chord progressions' (not a euphemism) and Latin rhythms, D7 has since expanded their repertoire to a globe-spanning grab-bag of intriguing jazz.


Monday 9 October

Who? When? Where?
ContraBand 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Fronted by the powerful Lauren O'Keefe, these cats fuse RnB and jazz so well it should be illegal.


Friday 13 October

Who? When? Where?
Nat Vazer 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Haunting, heart-stopping indie rock / dream pop, built on the folk tradition of storytelling through song. Debut album was called 'Is This Offensive and Loud?', which is pretty bloody good, as debut album names go.
Moses Iten 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Moses is a scholar (literally, he's doing a PhD about it) of cumbia music and sound-system culture, here to spin up a storm of stuff he's collected on tours from Cameroon to Colombia, plus a bunch of other places that don't start with C.


Saturday 14 October

Who? When? Where?
Blue Wren 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Buzzy, fresh, vibrant soul and blues, featuring 'Red Hot Mama' vocals and the instrumental talents of five ex-cons (Conservatorium of Music grads, that is).
Tapir 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Tapir are 'a pair of herbivorous ungulates who steer a course between summoning up mirage-like soundscapes from some hidden world, and pitching headlong into the deepest of grooves.'


Sunday 15 October

Who? When? Where?
Andrew Tuttle 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Five-string banjo; six-string acoustic guitar; shimmering waves of decay, reverb and processed electronics.
Hosanna-Grace and Samuel Burk 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Vox and and guitar, drawing inspiration from blues, rock, folk (and Celtic folk), and pop.


Monday 16 October

Who? When? Where?
Lucy Wise 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Soulful, dusky vocals tell whole-hearted stories of the busy business of living, underpinned by open-tuned guitar and Luke Plumb's mandolin.


Friday 20 October

Who? When? Where?
Dallas Heron 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Dallas does a lot of stuff: world folk, guitar oddities, computer beatz, MIDI stuff, movement, vocals, etc., etc.
Sunny Bois 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Influenced by the likes of Makaya McCraven, Esbjorn Svensson Trio and Alpha Mist, Sunny Bois have keys, synths, bass (and effects) and drums. And 'textural percussion'.


Saturday 21 October

Who? When? Where?
Frances Cameron 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Gentle, emotive piano. Get yourself into a state of peaceful reflection, go on.
Gustavo Cortiñas 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Drummer, bandleader, composer, educator: Gustavo's stuff is uplifting, melodic, and may very well get your body moving.


Sunday 22 October

Who? When? Where?
The Birds 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Features more guitar-and-vocals soul / folk than the Hitchcock joint, happily.
DIY SHOT 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Two classical flautists getting destroyed by an 'angelic electric guitar and synth wizard'. Maybe. Experimental improv, noise chaos, voice stealing.


Monday 23 October

Who? When? Where?
Jason Kahn 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Jason uses himself as a part of the circuit flow for his synths. If that's not got you interested, that's on you.


Friday 27 October

Who? When? Where?
Gold Pen 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Funky-ass jazz-pop with electric keys, horn section and sprinkles of gospel. They also 'go cosmic' on occasion
The Seratones 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Three legends of the Hobart jazz scene put their own stamp on the Hammond trio: original vocal tunes, groove-based standards, classics.


Saturday 28 October

Who? When? Where?
Daniel Gassin Trio 12–2pm Mona Lawns
A world-travelling Paris-based pianist (finalist in the Montreux Jazz solo piano competition, no biggie), Daniel's gonna do some arrange standards and originals.
Ben Segal Loop Jam 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Get involved: help Ben create weird and wacky soundscapes with his homemade instruments (and loop stuff). Who knows, you might win a Grammy.
Mona Presents: Australian Art Orchestra- Raw Denshi feat. Kojoe and Hikaru Tanaka 7pm (doors 6pm) Nolan Gallery
Two of Tokyo’s most influential and prominent MCs join the creatively fearless Australian Art Orchestra—led by Aaron Choulai—for a feast of bilingual rapping, deft improvisation and organised cross-cultural chaos. $60 / $50 + $6 booking fee Read More >


Sunday 29 October

Who? When? Where?
BrazJaz 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Genuine samba jazz, including works of the great Brazilian jazz composers and originals.
Barefoot Nellie 2–4pm Mona Lawns
Old time mountain music evoking images of log cabins, woodsmoke and maybe some unrequited love.


Monday 30 October

Who? When? Where?
Carlos Ferreira Trio 12–2pm Mona Lawns
Cop some electrifying Brazilian percussion and rhythms, from samba jazz to musica popular Brasileira. Accompanied by virtuoso piano and bass.
Claire Angel Bonner 2–4pm Mona Lawns
A historically informed nineteenth century guitar repertoire, lovingly rendered.