We want to take over the Treasure Island Caravan Park in Berriedale, for three reasons.

  1. David used to stay there when he was a kid, in his Uncle Bertie’s caravan.
  2. We want to offer budget accommodation options. (Later, we’d like to build a bar for our hotel and caravan park visitors to mingle. There’s a four-dollar daily drink special, and an inverted dress code: if you’re too snazzily dressed, you’re given a smock to cover up.) We're working on the design with Liminal Studios.
  3. It’s an opportunity to throw another ridiculous acronym into the mix.

There are some issues, though, and we’re not sure at this stage that we can work them out.

Mainly those issues involve negotiations with the neighbouring sewerage treatment plant. Hence the name, HOBO: Hobart odour.

Header image: Courtesy of Liminal Studio.