Another year older, none the wiser. David has decided Mona is hosting another New Year’s Eve bash to celebrate the death of the year (and the birth of a new one). 

Expect: an exciting all-Tassie line-up of emerging musical talent; oodles of bacchanalia-appropriate food and drink options; no fireworks. Just a lot happening. Catch the ferry.

Presented in partnership with Music Tasmania.


Kat Edwards 

Dusky, guitar-driven indie-pop bangers with feels to spare / burn.

Native Cats

Indescribable (but here we go) post-punk minimalism mashed together with existential lyrics and life-or-death femininity. Alluringly bleak, surprisingly danceable.

Liquid Nails

Post-ish-punk in the mould of Selley’s finest: high strength, fast grab, heavy duty, poignant (?), energetic (!) and explosive (okay, maybe not exactly the same). 

Grace Chia

Heavy-duty boom-bap rap with RnB touches, speaking on alienation, mental health, and the power in unification.

Lasca Dry

Hailing from a small town with a big clock (Ulverstone), Lasca is a bundle of contradictions: delicate, laconic confidence one minute; belting out a wailing overdriven guitar solo the next; sweet, bird-like melodies betwixt. 


‘Reformed rockers’ in the process of returning to their emo-country roots—they’re all about earnest lyricism, understated songwriting and precarious layers of melody.

Hayato Simpson 

Musical chameleon. Sonic adventurer. Professional violinist by day, maverick producer of industrial techno, quirky breaks, electropunk and noise by night.

Stormworm + La Sauvage

Haunting vocal melodies and spoken word passages (in French, naturally) reverberate over pulsing electronics and synths.

Soda Lite 

Inspired by ecological soundscapes (and sometimes using them): vibrant, warbly, woozy delights and diversions from the eucalypt valleys of lutruwita / Tasmania.